House of woven strings

Another day to live


Ivan is at the heart of all the trouble we’ve faced.. somehow that doesn’t suprise me.

My guardian Sir Ulric has been showing signs of disbelief in our lord and savior.. but that is best left for another time..

I’m writing to confirm our latest exploits, upon heading to. Esphurta to hand over a Criminal to the guard and investigate trouble we’ve heard rumours about, we arrive to find conflict brewing and a force moving behind the scenes.. the shadow council..

after a brief chat with Lord Meddler we headed into the forest to hear the other side of the conflict, what we found was no hostile intent toward the humans of Esphurta but a desire to keep an ancient being from awakening and bringing terror to the land..

upon learning this we asked to be allowed into the center of the forest and what we found there where ancient remains of 4 elven druids so dedicated to protecting the forest that they them selves became part of the forest… their objective.. to protect a being as ancient as the forest itself, the objective of the shadow council, was to force the humans of the land to chop away at the heart of the forest, in hopes to destroy these guardians, so that they may claim this ancient nymph to themselves…

luckily we foiled their plans in more ways than one, firstly we managed to talk the guardians into letting us go… secondly we discovered that Lord Meddler was being controlled with a guise like spell, forcing him to act in a certain way, unless he wanted to die, without realizing the potential side effects that would come from the removal of such a spell we removed it, only to learn that it doomed him… he did however tell us Ivans ultimate goal, however not how he plans to achieve it..

as we prepare to head to the final destination to face a goblin siege.. we brace our minds aswell as our hearts for what is to come..

somehow I get the feeling that the worst is yet to come.. I have no fear however… Pelor’s light guides my hand and shields me from harm..



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