House of woven strings

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In a rainy night at a Graveyard, an old digger is digging yet another grave, it is no joyfull matter but he whistles anyway. out of the fog and the rain a small figure enters the graveyard, walking slowly but targets his walk towards a mausoleum,
the digger looks up surprised to see anyone in this weather,
“arent you a little late for visitting?” the digger yelled,
but the Shrouded figure ignored him and entered the mausoleum.
HEY!” the digger yelled loud and bitter, “you cant go in there!” he ran after the person who had slipped fast and almost silint down to the crypts.
When the digger caught up with him he was panting and gasping for air. “hey you nitwit, your not supposed to be here” the figure turned, Laughing maniacally and kept laughing as the graves started to open.
The digger ran up in pure fright, only to be stopped by a sharp stabbing pain in his stomach, he looked up and saw a metallic beast that trew him in the air and ended his last shift.

The dark figure came back up, looked at the constructed beast and said:" now you can have all the fun you want around here, there should be plenty of peasants to “free” of there lifes"

Master Ivan
Shadow Council



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