House of woven strings

Times they are a-changing

Word on the streets

In the streets of the cities word of a group of adventures, working for the Kingdom of Cormyr, has spread amongst the lowest of criminals and everybody heard the bounty on them, also other rumours about them being in league with darker forces is being speculated, but in the midst of a war going on and most cities being in a more critical state, these news travel far and gets lost in turmoil. Still, there are someone, or something lurking in shadows, everyone feels it, but no one can put there finger on it.

Esmertalran is still under siege from the Goblin clan,

Eshpurta lays in conflict with the Elves of snakewood

Keczulla is in dire need of supplies and famine rules the city

Imnescars miners have reached critical point in there negotiations, but rumours of Drow or worse are begginning to spread.

worst of all is Brost who none have heard any word from in weeks, no one have come from that direction in some time.



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