The Misty Islands


The Misty Islands is thought of by most mortals to be nothing more than myth, and a great many legends has risen over the centuries.
people say that the Misty islands is an island that appear shrouded in thick fog and only appear once every century off the dragon coast.
others refer to it as a floating city that hides in the clouds and is only rarely glimpset from earth.

the Misty Islands is an Elven retreat that homes roughly 90% of the Sun elf population.
the sun elves are considered (mostly by them selves since they are the only ones that remember the societies of old) to be the architects of the elven crown achievements.

among the lesser races the sun elves are known to be extremely arrogant, and by scholars and wizards around the world, sun elves are revered for their mastery of the arcane arts and their extensive collections of history, architecture and general knowledge of these subjects

The Misty Islands

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